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Hey needless, at the time of writing I have little time or want to continually update the wiki, so after updates are released, it will likely be out of date for a while or until someone were to update the databases/pages.
Meanwhile you can use the Factubsio git page for hopefully more up-to-date info.
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Inkbound Wiki is a player-created project, aimed to create complete an up-to-date knowledge base about all things Inkbound. We are looking for active contributors to make it happen!

If you love exploring the game and discovering its secrets, you may join us expanding and improving the wiki! Whether you have a lot of experience or none at all, you are welcome to help us with editing existing pages and creating new ones, expanding on cool interactions between Bindings and Vestiges or basically anything you can think of! The wiki is a community effort, and we'll need your input to make it complete.

Check out this blog post to learn the state of the Inkbound Wiki and ways you can help.